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Jet Ski

Jet ski around Dubai’s waterfront and enjoy views of the city’s main attractions from a unique viewpoint. You can ride the jet ski in the company of your family, friends, or as a couple,and experience this adrenaline rush on your own. You’ll do jet ski around all iconic attractions, buildings, and skyscrapers, from Burj al Arab to Palm Jumeirah. Jet Ski in Dubai is the best way to visit the city and have great fun during your holidays.

With Sea Hawk team discover the amazing activities on offer and fantastic deals for your visit to Dubai .

Fly Boards

Dubai is being surrounded by vast oceans from all sides, is one of the best and preferred location for water sports activities. With lots of options available, get a chance to indulge in Fly Boarding. You do not have to be a superhero to fly. Fly Boarding lets you experience the thrill of flying using jet propulsion powered by a watercraft. It is an impressive sport which has picked up popularity recently. Our instructors are ready to get you up in the air whether you are completely new or experienced.

Banana Boat

The banana boat ride is a recreational activity that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Instead of strolling by the beach, why not take your exploration up a notch? Riding a banana boat lets you see what the blue sea has to offer in a more entertaining and exciting way. You also get to experience riding a banana boat with your friends or family, so what else can you ask for? If you want an activity where you can spend some quality time with your family, this activity should be on your list.

Donut Ride

The donut like shape of Boat here can be played by 2 people and it depends on the speed boat on request. You will be rocked on a unique boat shaped like donut and drawn at full speed by a speed boat.

Made of quality floating tube material, it will add a sense of security in carrying out this donut boat activity. Before doing this activity, you will be welcome to use a life jacket as a procedure in carrying out water activities, after that you will ride a donut boat and enjoy this water adventure with a duration of approximately 15 to 30 minutes and accompanied by an experienced donut boat instructor.

The sensation of this Donut Boat game is shaked / wobbled as the boat is round shaped like a donut and pulled swiftly. Unwittingly you will shout loudly when your body is being rocked on the donut boat. Usually Water Sports of Donut Boat activity be an alternative option if you've ever ride the banana boat before and want to feel different sensations, because this type of game is similar, just use a different shape boat and give same excitement of marine activity.